Sewage Pump Manufactures in India

Harison pumps Pvt. Ltd.  is the leading Sewage pump Manufactures in India. Harison Submersible Sewage Pump – solution for all sewage handling problems. 

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25 Long Years Of Manufacturing Excellence With Sewage pump Quality At It's Best!

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of different types of pumps. Submersible Dewatering Pumps, Submersible Sewage Pump, Submersible Effluent PumpsSubmersible Sewage Cutter Pumps. Also Horizontal / Vertical Open well Submersible Pumps, Borewell Submersible Pumps, Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps, Self Priming Pumps. Some industrial pumps i.e. Mud Pumps, Sludge Pumps, Dewatering Pumps manufacture by Harison Pump. From Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. Harison pumps Pvt. Ltd.  is the leading Sewage pump Manufactures in India.  

Sewage pump manufactures in India

A sewage pump is a machine that transports sewage liquids and solids. Beginning with one region at the same time next region. In most confidential applications, sewage, which could contain sensitive solids up to 2 inches in diameter, is pumped from a sewage basin to  a septic tank. At without a doubt the lower part of the effluent basin, where sewage pump is introduced.

Since the pump is typically submerged, it is generally called as a  submersible sewage pump. Automatic, manual, or double mode, effluent pumps are accessible. It is generally not recommended to use a manual sewage pump inside a sewage basin
in light of the risk of sewage flooding. 

Sewage pumps are centrifugal pumps with an unique design. And that is permits solids to go through without stopping up the pump. At the point when you turn on the pump, the prime mover( electric motor)  starts to rotate the impeller, making pressure that drives water into the impeller and into the release pipe.

Our pump is controlled by a 10-to-25 foot electric line. The voltage can be  230, 440,  volts relying upon the model. The pump lodging, which houses the motor and impeller, is made of solid metal and is intended for long-term use.



Our Products of sewage pump

We are the prime industry. And produce the most reliable, durable, portable and trendy solution. you are looking for.

GNB Series - Sewage Submersible pump

Pumps are available in three phase. And single phase. 

GNS Series - Sewage Submersible pump

Pumps are available for small capacity. Three phase and single phase option.

ENS series - Sewage Submersible Pump

Economical pumps for commercial use in ETP/ STP plants. Available in three phase, single phase, option.

Pioneering For Future Solution To All Your Needs At Fair Price.

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Technical Data

  • Flow ( Q ) : Upto 96m³ / hr or 1600 LPM
  • Delivery Head ( H ) : Max. 35m
  • Motor Range : 2.2Kw to 10Kw / 3HP to 12.5HP
  • MOC : All CI. With SS Jacket
  • Non-clog vortex SS Impeller.
  • Vortex impeller can handle very heavy sludge
  • Dual Mechanical Seal
  • Solid Handling upto 50mm


  • Light Sewage
  • Sewer
  • Abrasive Particles & Solids
  • Effluent Transfer
  • Sewage Transfer
  • Septic Tanks
  • Domestic Sewage
  • Kitchen Waste
  • Sewage Water

All Sewage Related Needs Taken Care by Harison Submersible Pumps

Harison Submersible Pump for handling waste water. With kitchen waste and other effluents. Suitable to handle municipal waste. And industrial water, rain water, muddy water. collects at construction site. Such water can be pumped out. And can be used in basements, parking lots. It can take out water with soft solids.

Types of sewage pump

Effluent pumps are usually a small on-site system. These pump effluent flowing out of the septic tanks. The effluent is a clear liquid; it has solid developing out of the septic tank. It’s able to pump more efficiently and higher levels when compare it to other effluent pumps. This is because; the effluent pump does not handle solid sewage waste.

They are also known as sewage ejector pumps, they move  raw sewage. When it comes to raw sewage, it contains a lot of solids for most pumps to handle. As a result, this solid handling pump is ideal when it comes to handling raw sewage.

This pump is more like the solid handling pump; it is able to move raw sewage. The grinder pump is different from the solid handling pump as it has rotating blades. The rotating blades are like the garbage grinders which grind and cut solids into smaller particles before pumping the sewage.

How Does a Sewage Pump Work?

A sewage pump transfers sewage solids and liquids from one place to another. When it comes to residential, sewage composes of soft solids that have a diameter of up to 2 inches. These is propelled from the waste water sump to a septic tank or a sewer system.

These pump is set up at the lowest point of  sewage basin. The pump is usually submerged in most cases; therefore,  it is called as submersible sewage pump. When it comes to sewage pump, it can be manual, dual mode or an automatic one.

The dual mode pump has  piggyback plug; that allows your pump to either be a manual or an automatic pump. The manual pump bypasses the switch; it’s directly plugged into a socket. The automatic pump, on the other hand, is plugged in using the floating switch which works when you have the switch on.

It is recommended  manual sewage pump not use in sewage basin; because of sewage overflow. Finally it involve centrifugal pumps, which enables solids to be able to pass through without having to cause clogging in the pump. The motor rotates the impeller when you turn on the pump; this creates pressure which pushes water up to the impeller to the discharge pipe.

The pump is powered up to 10 to 25 feet electric rod. The voltage can be from; 115, 230, 460 or 575 depending on the model. The pump house is built for long-term use as it’s made of cast iron; it has an impeller and a motor.

Sewage submersible pump - Features

Harison Submersible pump of lower capacities come in single phase. Float switch, epoxy coated, also available in three phase. With guide rail and other features.

Higher capacity pumps come with guide rail system. to pull out the pump for maintenance from the pit. without removing nuts and bolts. Available in three phase option only. Application is in municipal sewage handling and in industrial use. It is fixed installation type. Similarly it can be supplied with complete automation. They can handle soft solids up to 100mm spherical. And heads up to 50 meter. Pump discharge capacities up to 500 m3/hr.

Sewage pump can be provided with vortex type of impellers. To handle long and fibrous solids. it is advantageous over cutter pumps. As cutter tends to get unsharpened. Over period of used and needs replacement.

All pumps have 100% local content. Harison sewage pump come with one year warranty. And are repairable on local service center.



To  Suit the domestic use of single phase Effluent pump and it requires low power. The single phase pump are  incorporating with float switch. For automatic ON/OFF operations. Float switch operate when the water level rises. and stops the pump when water level goes down.

our pumps are most suitable for portable application. As they are light in weight. And automation is in-built with the pump itself. Harison Pump parts are made of standard steel or epoxy coated. To prevents corrosion and longer life.

These pumps transport sewage and untreated waste water (e. g. raw waste water). They are most commonly used in municipal waste water treatment plants but also in buildings and private homes, which cannot be connected to the municipal sewerage due to the natural slope of the ground.


Benefits of sewage pumps

Sewage submersible pumps are to get rid of water build-up from the crawlspace and the basement, safely depositing it using the wastewater system of your home. The sump pump has a complicated installation although they are relatively simple. The following composes of some of the major benefits of sewage pumps:

  • Reduces the threat of mildew and molds. This happens due to the continual dampness of the inside of your basement due to stagnant pools, which contribute to the growth of mildew and molds. The molds and mildew pose health problems and damage your building material.
  • Prevent damages due to flooding that is because of heavy rains, which triggers your basement to flood. With a sump pump, you can be able to avoid disasters that occur due to flooding in the basement.
  • Reduces the risk of fire, water short-circuits appliances in your basement, for instance, the water heaters, heating system, and the laundry machines. Consequently, water is able to start a fire which is very dangerous and disastrous. With a sump pump, you can be able to keep water away from equipment that can cause fires in your house.
Maintenance and repairs of sewage pump.
  • Removing the cover, there are three different types of lids which have different methods of removal.
  • Installing a ground fault circuit interrupter in the electric panel or at the outlet. It’s important that you ensure it is working. Use the test button to ensure that there is proper ground-fault protection.
  • Checking the drain line that is from the pump until the line meets the air gap, check for any signs of holes, leaks, damages or corrosion.
  • Check the pit for debris or silt which can clog or obstruct the float discharge tube or pump impeller.
  • Ensure that the air gap that is between the interior and exterior discharge pipes are clear and open from debris.
Some questions about sewage pump

Costs depends upon the limit of the pump. Harison Industries makes different types of pumps with different limits and applications at reasonable costs and one years guarantee. Please refer to our product selector.


A few instances which can cause pump to run more noisily than expected:

  • an oversized pump is installed in a small basin, it will pump more water than the basin can accommodate.
  • If the discharge pipe connects to the sewage pipes, you may notice a vibrating noise as the pump circulates the water through the plumbing system

 When our pump installed properly, it sealed so that no waste or smell can come out of the top of the basin.

Harison sewage submersible pump should last at least 7-10 years. However, with proper installation and maintenance, our pump can last for over 15-20 years.

Harison sewage submersible pump worked with hard core materials and parts to endure the most terrible components alongside a bigger admission to pass solids

A primary bar screen is installed at the inlet of the collection tank. This is used to keep plastics and other non-biodegradable solids out of the collection tank. The sewage is dozed with microorganisms that are introduced by dozing and help to break down the sludge content. This method effectively eliminates the need for specialized sludge handling systems. The tank is also kept aerated to prevent simplicity and to control odor.


Harison pumps are worked with heavy-duty solid materials. And parts to endure the most obviously rugged components, which empowers our pumps to keep going quite.

Therefore sewage submersible pump is characterized by its capacity of pumping away sewage. And different materials from a handling property. Sump pump principal object is to ensure that a properties cellar doesn’t flood or hold water anytime. Normally, a sump pump will go about as a component of a bigger basement waterproofing arrangement.

There is a lot of pumping station facilities, which includes pumps and equipment for pumping fluids. At the same time Submersible pumps are used for different infrastructure such as; removal of sewage to processing sites and supplying of water to canals. our pumps are able to handle a lot of water in less time. It is also essential that you note that; it’s cost effective if you have a sewage pump to handle your wet waste and unwanted water.

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